Our concept

Our culinary PHILOSOPHY

food, friends, wine

Our concept is pure and robust and builds on refined and distinctive flavours. Inspired by historic Albanian gastronomy, Bistro Illyrian offers modern and delicious dishes to share! 

Our dishes are prepared with love and patience, infused with special herbs and spices. The finest vegetables, organic meat, poultry and fresh fish form the basis of our dishes.

It is prepared in a unique Harrison charcoal oven, custom-made in London for Illyrian, resulting in the perfect texture and a deliciously smoky and authentic taste.

Together with a delicious selection of wines, carefully selected by our team and our special wine merchant Piet Neyt.

Albanian Ancient Social Code

The house of an Albanian belongs to God and to the guest. Every hour of the day and night, a man must be ready to receive a gust with bread, salt, and an open heart!

Van harte,

team Illyrian